Asrock preps 21 motherboards for a dip into Kaby Lake

Asus spinoff ASRock has followed its progenitor company in releasing BIOS updates adding support for the upcoming Kaby Lake CPUs. Firmware updates for 21 of ASRock's existing Intel 100-series LGA 1151 motherboards add support for what the company dubs "Next Generation" Intel Core processors.

ASRock's press release conspicuously avoids the terms "Kaby Lake" or "seventh-generation Core," but the BIOS updates doubtless add support for the new CPUs. The products of Intel's "optimization" phase of its 14-nm tri-gate manufacturing technology are expected to hit the desktop market in early 2017.

The firmware updates are not limited to high-end Z170 boards. Entry-level H110, B150, and H170 receive updates as well. The full list of supported motherboards can be found here.

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