Alphacool Eiswolf offers AIO solution for graphics card cooling

All-in-one liquid coolers for CPU thermal management have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Alphacool is now touting their Eiswolf series AIOs as the world's first expandable AIO liquid coolers for graphics cards.

Alphacool offers the Eiswolf in GPU cooler and AIO kit form. The Eiswolf GPX Pro includes a cooler with short hoses terminated with quick-release fittings. The Eiswolf GPX Pro 120 AIO kit adds a 120-mm radiator and water pump assembly along with all the requisite plumbing. Regardless of the chosen configuration, all metal parts in contact with liquid are constructed from brass or copper. The AIO's radiator is made from 100% copper and comes with two fans in a push-pull configuration.

The GPX Pro GPU cooler surrounds the copper water block with an aluminum heatsink. Alphacool currently offers kits for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080. Owners can detach the water block from the remainder of the GPU cooler in the event of a future GPU upgrade. In that event, the user simply needs to purchase a new aluminum GPU cooler from Alphacool.

The highlight of the Eiswolf parts is their expandability. The excited Alphacool employee presenting the Eiswolf in the product's Youtube video mentions the possibility of adding additional radiator and pump assemblies in order to undervolt them, or for water pump failure tolerance. The Eiswolf and Alphacool's Eisbaer CPU cooler can be combined together to share the same radiators and pumps.

The Alphacool GPX Pro 120 AIO kits are available for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080 for 150€. The GPX Pro GPU cooler assembly for GTX 1080 is available for 120€. We'd wager a guess the company is referring to Founder's Edition cards, though Alphacool's website doesn't say specifically. The company offers many different GPU coolers compatible with the water block. US pricing is not yet available.

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