Samsung offers $100 credit to Note 7 owners

Samsung officially killed off the dangerously explosive Note 7 smartphone earlier this week, and mobile carriers have asked users to return the devices as soon as possible, whether they're faulty or not. Now, Samsung is offering up a big credit to anyone who still has one, in hopes of quickly getting every Note 7 off the market. Whether you're willing to buy another Samsung phone or not, you can look forward to getting a little something, though the company has a bigger bonus in store for those staying in-house.

If you haven't taken your Note 7 in yet, you're eligible for a whopping $100 credit in return for bringing the phone in and staying in Samsung's family of phones. If you've already exchanged your Note 7 for another Samsung phone, you already have a $25 credit on the way. Samsung is going to attach another $75 to that to make sure those who jumped in early aren't left out in the cold. However, If you're done with Samsung, and want to make the jump to one of the other big vendors, there's still a $25 credit waiting for you.

Analysts say that before the Note 7 went up in literal flames, Samsung had been expecting to sell 19 million of them. That equates to about $17 billion in lost revenue from the phone. That's not including the money spent on these credits and the loss of customer confidence that accompanies a fiasco like this.

If you're still carrying one of these around, Samsung says you should power it down immediately and make your way to the carrier or retailer from which you purchased it to begin the exchange or refund process. Check out Samsung's recall page for ways to contact your carrier or retailer or to contact Samsung itself.

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