Aerocool’s latest project is the P7-C1 ATX case

Back at Computex, Aerocool's Dream Box got all the attention, but the company had another project on display there too. Sorry, that's "Project", as in "Project 7," Aerocool's new PC component sub-brand. Today Aerocool is releasing the first product from the Project 7, a steel mid-tower ATX case known as the P7-C1, standing for "Project 7 Chassis 1."

You could be forgiven for thinking that the P7-C1 looks like something off a science-fiction movie set, because it absolutely does. The case's unique styling is a major selling point according to Aerocool, and the company invites enthusiasts to "build a rig your friends envy." The new case certainly has the space for it. It can accept full-sized ATX, microATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards, CPU coolers up to 6.5" (165 mm) tall, and graphics cards up to 14.8" (37.5 cm) in length.

Builders can mount four 2.5" drives and two 3.5" disks in the P7-C1. Up front, the case has room for three 120-mm fans or a pair of 140-mm spinners. Two more 120-mm fans can be attached inside the housing on top, and another one can be installed in the rear. Aerocool says all three locations will accept liquid-cooling radiators as well. The front of the case accepts 360-mm, 240-mm, and 280-mm units, while the top of the case can take a 240-mm unit.

Aerocool includes a PWM fan hub with support for up to five fans, and a basic RGB LED controller to manipulate the lighted strip around the inside of the front fascia. The P7-C1 also includes both SD and microSD readers, as well as a second front-panel USB 3.0 port. The case comes in a number of finishes, including white and black colorations, with an optional tempered glass side panel on some versions. We can't find the P7-C1 online yet, but Aerocool says that the case should be available this week in the E.U. and North America starting at $100.

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    • Chrispy_
    • 3 years ago

    Disconnect the light at the front and that’s not a bad looker.

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