Logitech M220 Silent is the anti-TR mouse

Do you visit The Tech Report every day looking for the latest news on input devices, but consistently leave disappointed by the focus on mechanical keyboards and mice with Omron switches designed for audible feedback? Today is your lucky day, because Logitech has launched the M220 Silent mouse just for someone like you. Logitech says the M220 Silent has switches with special sauce to deliver the same tactile feedback of a normal mouse button but with 90% less audio output. The manufacturer also claims the feet are made of "high performance" material that contribute to a diminished sonic signature.

Unlike most mice covered here at The Tech Report, the M220 Silent does not have a braided USB cable with a gold-plated USB connector. It has no USB cable at all. It comes instead with Logitech's bog-standard Unifying receiver that can reach up to 33' (10m). The mouse is powered by a single AA battery. That lonely batttery will probably be in the mouse for a while, as battery life is rated at eighteen months.

Logitech claims the mouse works with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. This claim seems reasonable because the mouse has just two buttons and a scroll wheel. No extra software is needed, as this mouse has no macro capabilities and the sensitivity is locked at the sensor's maximum of 1,000 DPI.

Logitech claims the M220 Silent is the first company to receive the Quiet Mark certification for a computer mouse, though one has to wonder how many other mouse companies have even applied. The M220 Silent mouse is available from Logitech for $25.

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