Rumor: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1050 Ti gets a price tag

If the rumor mill is to be believed, we know just about everything about the technically-unannounced GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti. We have a rumored release date of mid-to-late October. There are even plausible benchmarks floating around that put the 1050 Ti on par with Nvidia's GTX 960 and ahead of the AMD Radeon RX 460. There's corroboration of those results coming from ChipHell, too. Thanks to Videocardz,  we also have an unconfirmed-but-believable price tag reportedly originating from a leaked slide. The slide shows the GTX 1050 costing $109, while its big brother gets a price tag of $139.

Videocardz says the GTX 1050 will offer 640 CUDA cores and 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM, while its amped-up Ti counterpart will pack 768 CUDA cores and 4GB of VRAM. Both GPUs have 32 ROPs on offer, and the cards are rated for a 75W TDP. Videocardz reiterates the October 25 release date it suggested earlier this month, so it won't be long before we're able to confirm or debunk all these stats.

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