Asus VG245H is a gaming monitor for consoles

Everyone likes to salivate over the latest high-end monitors with top-dollar features and matching pricetags, but we reckon most gerbils are running something a little more basic. Something like Asus' new VG245H "Console Gaming monitor." This 24" FreeSync display uses a TN panel with 1920x1080 resolution and a stated 1ms response time. Asus talks up the new display's low-input-lag design, calling it "GameFast Input Technology." The company doesn't explain what GameFast is, but DisplayLag tested the monitor and found it has around 10ms of input lag, which is pretty good.

"Console gaming" is a weird appellation for a monitor, given that game consoles can't output anything besides bog-standard 60-Hz fixed-refresh video signals. Asus uses the term in reference to the monitor's dual HDMI inputs, which let gamers hook up a game console alongside a PC or any other HDMI device. Besides the pair of HDMI ports, the monitor has an old-school VGA connection, a 3.5-mm audio line-in jack, and a headphone jack. The VG245H includes stereo speakers forĀ  added convenience.

In FreeSync mode, the VG245H supports a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz and a minimum of 40Hz. Like most of Asus' gaming monitors, the VG245H also supports the company's GameVisual presets and GamePlus enhancements like an on-screen crosshair, timer, and framerate counter.

The included stand has tilt, swivel, height, and pivot adjustments. In case that's not enough, the VG245H supports VESA mounting. The monitor's feature set isn't astounding, but given that Newegg has the VG245H right now for just $189, we're willing to make some compromises.

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