Report: Apple prepping up new MacBook Pro for October 27 event

The passing of each year implies the release of a new iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. However, Apple is much slower about updating its core computing devices. The MacBook Pro has been subject to a few hardware refreshes in the last few years, but it hasn't seen a major overhaul since 2012. That's all set to change in just over a week at Apple's October 27 event, says Recode. Apple is expected to release a new MacBook Pro, along with updates to its Macbook Air and iMac lines, and a new 5K monitor.

Since its inception, the MacBook Pro received Apple's Retina display and a Force Touch trackpad, but it's still largely the same laptop we're used to. Bloomberg reported in August that the new MacBook Pro will be a thinner device with a flatter keyboard. The highlight of the new keyboard is expected to be a feature internally called the "Dynamic Function Row," a small OLED touchscreen that will change appearance based on what the user's doing.

Now would be the right time for Apple to bring a significantly updated computer to market. macOS Sierra is still fresh, and the holidays are still a couple months out. Additionally, analyst firm IDC says Apple has seen a decline in laptop sales in the last year. A new release would likely help with that.

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