Samsung builds 8GB LPDDR4 packages on its 10-nm process

With high-resolution screens, 4K video, and VR applications becoming more popular—or at least on the horizon—Samsung sees a need to increase the speed and capacity of the memory available to smartphone and tablet manufacturers. Today, the company introduced an 8GB mobile DRAM package powered by four of its new 16Gb LPDDR4 chips. Manufactured on Samsung's 10-nm process, these chips have a higher capacity than the company's 20-nm chips while purportedly consuming a similar amount of power.

Samsung claims that its new memory chips are not only tiny and power-efficient, but speedy, too. The 8GB LPDDR4 chips can operate at 4,266 MT/s. The memory is capable of transmitting data at 34GB/s on a 64-bit memory bus.

The diminutive size of Samsung's 8GB LPDDR4 memory packages should also make them attractive to smartphone manufacturers. They measure under 15 mm x 15 mm x 1 mm. Since they're thinner than one millimeter, these chips can be stacked with UFS memory or a mobile application processor. This characteristic should make the chips useful in devices with limited circuit board space. Samsung hopes to see the 8GB LPDDR4 packages rolling out in smartphones, tablets, and other devices soon.

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