Deals of the week: scads of high-performance storage and more

Happy Friday, gerbils. We had a dearth of cheap SSDs in last week's deals, but the component market has returned to form today. Here's what we think are this week's best bets for hardware deals.

  • OCZ's RD400 512GB NVMe SSD is $269.99 at Newegg. This drive's price has apparently plummeted as Samsung's 960 Pro looms on the horizon. That's good for builders, since the RD400 is also an excellent performer. This latest discount brings the drive's price per gig to about 53 cents—still high relative to SATA SSDs, but not bad for a premium NVMe drive.
  • Mushkin's Reactor 1TB SSD is back for another round of deals. This SATA drive is $214.99 at Newegg with promo code ESCFEFM22. If you need a huge chunk of MLC storage with performance to match, all without spending a ton of dough, the Reactor is hard to beat.
  • WD's Black 5TB 7200-RPM hard drive is $189.99 at Newegg right now with promo code ESCFEGF22. SSDs may be the best things going for system drives, but a high-performance mechanical drive like this Black is still the best way to go for huge Steam or media libraries.
  • Fractal Design's Define R5 case is just $79.99 right now at Newegg. This TR Editor's Choice winner is still one of the finest cases on the market, and this price appears to be an all-time low for the product. Pounce, we say.
  • Intel's Core i5-6400 CPU is on sale at Newegg for $174.99 with promo code EMCFEGF23. We don't normally recommend the Core i5-6400 in our System Guides, but this discount might make it worth considering relative to the faster, more expensive Core i5-6500 we usually spec. With its 2.7GHz base and 3.3GHz Turbo speeds, the i5-6400 still offers four fast Skylake cores, so it's hard to go wrong at this price.

There's a chance you're looking for a deal on something we didn't feature here. If that's the case, you can help The Tech Report by using the following referral links when you're out shopping: not only do we have a partnership with Newegg, but we also work with Best Buy, Adorama, RakutenWalmart, and Sam's Club. For more specific needs, you can also shop with our links at the Microsoft Store and Das Keyboard's shop.

Those are the best deals we could find this week. If we missed something sweet, be sure to share it with other TR readers in the comments.

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