HyperX Alloy keyboard gets lean and mean for FPS gaming

If you're like me, you prize your keyboard's numeric keypad and use it daily. Still, nobody likes to give up a bunch of desk space to an oversized keyboard. HyperX's new Alloy "FPS Gaming" keyboard attempts to satisfy both of these requirements. The company says that the Alloy's almost-borderless design gives FPS gamers more room for mousing. HyperX's cut-down design is also blissfully free of cladding or other gaudy "gaming" features that we usually dread from gamer-branded gear.

The space savings from HyperX's scalpel-wielding look pretty minimal to our eyes, but the keyboard's Cherry MX Blue switches should provide a characteristically solid typing experience. The solid steel frame could minimize keyboard flex during high-adrenaline gaming sessions, and the keyboard's red backlight will provide eyestrain-free usability in the dark for people who still aren't touch-typing. The Alloy has a USB port on the back that HyperX calls a "charging port," so gamers can likely keep their phones close without worrying about battery life, too.

HyperX says the Alloy FPS Gaming keyboard can already be found at retail and e-tail shops where its products are sold. We found it here at Newegg for the suggested $99.

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