Biostar belatedly announces GTX 1060 graphics cards

The vendors often spotted in The Tech Report's system guides are busy announcing GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti cards based on the latest iteration of the Pascal GPU. Biostar may be a little late to that party, since TechPowerUp says the company is only now lifting its curtains on a couple versions of the GTX 1060. The new cards are available as a 6GB variant packing GPUs with the full complement of 1280 stream processors, or as a 3GB version whose GPU offers 1152 SPs.

Maybe Biostar spent the time since the widespread launch of the GTX 1060 in the design room. The new cards sport an aesthetic inspired by the freemium MMO game World of Tanks. The cards have a mostly-black twin-fan cooler with trim suggesting a tank turret. Buyers can connect their monitors to a pair of dual-link DVI-D connectors, a single DisplayPort connector, or a lone HDMI port.

Biostar seems to be pretty proud of these cards. The 3GB model has an suggested price of $239, and the company is asking $280 for the full-fat 6GB version. However, comparable cards from vendors with better market visibility in the US are selling for $200 and $240, respectively. A little birdie says gerbils should keep their eyes peeled for a full review of the GeForce GTX 1060 soon.

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