Seagate 5TB BarraCuda and 2TB FireCuda drives are big and speedy

The cloud is great, but it's not always there—especially when we're moving around with our devices in tow. Sometimes we need sheer capacity, and Seagate aims to help us out with two new drives designed to push the boundaries of mobile storage. The Seagate 5TB BarraCuda and 2TB FireCuda drives are available now, after being introduced earlier this month.

Both drives use the same 2.5" 1TB platters the company unveiled back in January. The BarraCuda comes in a 7-mm variant for use in laptops and a 15-mm model for use as an external drive. The FireCuda sets itself apart by combining 8GB of speedy NAND with the main platters, making it what Seagate says is the fastest and lightest 2TB drive available right now.

The 15-mm-tall BarraCuda with 5TB capacity is available for $245 and comes with a 2-year warranty. The 2TB FireCuda SSHD drive is covered by a a 5-year warranty and is selling for just $105.

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