Leaked MacBook Pro pics suggest OLED touch bar and Touch ID

Apple is holding an event this Thursday, presumably to introduce a new line of Macs, but the eagle-eyed folks over at MacRumors have seemingly spoiled some of that upcoming keynote's magic. The site found images of a new MacBook Pro lurking in the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 update that was issued yesterday. Have a look at one of those leaked shots:

Image source: MacRumors

If these leaks are accurate (and it's hard to see how they couldn't be, given the source), Apple's next laptops will ditch the function-key row for a long-rumored OLED touch bar that will adapt to the application or task at hand. The leaked images also hint at a Touch ID sensor embedded in the far-right side of that touch area, an addition that might let owners take advantage of Apple Pay and other authentication-required stuff in the Apple ecosystem.

It's still unclear whether the new machines will use Apple's low-profile scissor-switch keyboard, as found in the MacBook, and the hardware Apple will use to power these new machines also remains a mystery. Seems like we could still end up a bit surprised by whatever comes to pass in a couple days.

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