Intel's Purley server platform won't use 3D XPoint memory

Intel and Micron have been generating buzz for 3D XPoint, their upcoming non-volatile memory product. Rumors have been swirling about when this technology will be hitting the market. The latest rumor suggets we'll see 3D XPoint powering Optane memory modules before the end of the year. Other implementations of 3D XPoint appear to be delayed, however. In a recent earnings call, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said the new memory won't be a part of its next server platform.

In the call, Krzanich says that Intel has been sampling a variety of server products to some of its "leading edge customers." In addition to talking about 3D XPoint, Krzanich mentions omni-path fabric and silicon photonics. However, it appears that 3D XPoint isn't yet ready for the big stage. He said, "there will be a second generation of [Purley Xeons] that includes 3D XPoint."

Considering that the second generation of Purley isn't expected until 2018, it'll be a while before Intel ships 3D XPoint DIMMs for its Xeon processors. However, Krzanich did leave the door open for other 3D XPoint products in the meantime. In the conference call, he claims that the new memory will be qualified before the end of 2016. Intel's already shipping samples of 3D XPoint, and is expecting to ramp up production and see revenue growth for the product in 2017. While Intel is being coy about the details, it appears that we can expect to see 3D XPoint arrive in desktop products in 2017, and server products as early as 2018.

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