Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard merges comfort and style

Part and parcel of the Surface brand is the hip, urban styling that comes with the devices. Something like an old Model M would look positively gauche underneath a gorgeous machine like the newly-announced Surface Studio. Fans of ergonomic keyboards usually don't get a lot of choice when it comes to style, but Microsoft's new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard lets typists have the best of both worlds.

The new keyboard is a slim, low-profile design that comes exclusively in a very neutral grey-on-grey aesthetic. The palm-rest at the front of the Surface Ergonomic is coated in Microsoft's customized version of Alcantara synthetic suede. Bluetooth is the only connectivity option, and Microsoft's product page says the keyboard requires Windows 10. We'd wager it'll probably connect to any Bluetooth device, though.

Microsoft doesn't say what kind of switches the keyboard uses, but it does guarantee they can withstand 10 million actuations per key for the main typing block. The hotkeys—settings, backlight controls, search, calulator, and multimedia keys—are guaranteed for 500,000 actuations each. Conveniently, the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard takes AAA batteries rather than having an internal battery that will wear out. Microsoft claims the batteries will last "up to 12 months."

The Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is already up for pre-order on Microsoft's store for $129. Buyers should get their keyboards on November 10.

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