1. ZZZ online | Number 104
  2. Hitachi will ship multilingual DVD drive (thanks billb)
  3. 3DSpotlight updates Tribes 2 tweak guide
  4. The Tech Zone covers 2001 SEMA show
  5. Cutting The Edge's Intel seminar coverage
  6. Digit-Life's October hardware digest
  7. OverclockersClub on hacking the start button and logon screen in WinXP Pro
  8. What's in Neoseeker's favorites folder?

  1. Amdmb, AMDZone, AnandTech, SimHQ, and VIAHardware review Athlon XP 1900+
  2. VR-Zone on the art of unlocking the Athlon XP
  3. An early look at Intel i845-D (in Chinese ~ thanks MJS)
  4. t-break reviews MSI K7N420 Pro
  5. [H]ard|OCP reviews Shuttle AK31
  6. OnePC reviews Abit TH7-RAID
  7. Viper's Lair reviews 256MB Crucial PC2100 memory

  1. Noticias3D reviews Argos 2000 G Pro
  2. I am not a geek reviews ATI TV Wonder
  3. 3DnHardware reviews 16MB EasyDisk USB
  4. EXHardware reviews Agate Q. USB hard drive
  5. Hardware-TEST reviews QDI 32MB USB-disk
  6. 3dGameMan reviews 16MB M-Systems DiskOnKey
  7. HotHardware reviews Actiontec wireless-ready home gateway
  8. Gaming in 3D reviews Actiontec 56K call waiting modem
  9. Dan's Data reviews cordless mice
Modding and cooling

  1. BiT-Tech's voltmeter mod
  2. OCTools has Submersion 2: "the video"
  3. hardCOREware and OverclockersClub review Thermaltake Volcano 7
  4. OcPrices has Arkua CPU coolers roundup
  5. PCstats reviews Tt active memory cooling kit
  6. [H]ard|OCP's HSF compound showdown
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