Gigabyte lets loose a flurry of BIOS updates with Kaby Lake support

And then there were none. On the heels of Asus and MSI, Gigabyte has now announced BIOS updates for its existing LGA 1151 motherboards, adding support for Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake CPUs. The motherboard vendor says it's "tested and validated" the new firmware across its entire lineup of 100-series mobos.

Of course, Gigabyte doesn't spell "Kaby Lake" out loud, but not only has that horse fled the barn, it's already died of old age. If anyone asks, though, tell them it's "Intel Next-Gen CPUs."

Gigabyte says that all motherboards with H110, B150, H170, and Z170 chipsets now have BIOS updates fresh from the oven. Users can install the updates using their mobo's "Q-Flash" utility. Owners of motherboards with Gigabyte's specialty "Q-Flash Plus" white USB port have it a little easier. On those models, there's no need to plug in a CPU or memory—a USB stick containing the new firmware is all it takes.

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    • chuckula
    • 3 years ago

    [quote<]Of course, Gigabyte doesn't spell "Kaby Lake" out loud,[/quote<] Of course not. They made it past the second grade.

      • evilpaul
      • 3 years ago

      Is Kaby Lake still not due out until January?

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