OWC Ministack places up to 6TB of storage atop Mac Minis

Storage specialist OWC has a product for Mac Mini owners who are tired of hooking their fashionable micro-machines to ugly external disk enclosures. The OWC Ministack is a USB 3.0 external hard drive enclosure that shares the Mac Mini's dimensions and overall design language. That makes it easy to physically stack together with the diminutive Mac.

Ministack mounted on a Mac Mini

OWC sells the Ministack as an empty enclosure, or preinstalled with 7200-RPM disk drives in capacities ranging from 1TB to 6TB. The company says the box will supports sequential read and write speeds in excess of 200MB/s—as expected of a USB 3.0 device. The enclosure includes a cooling fan that OWC says is silent. The company offers one-year warranty coverage for version with only the base enclosure, or three years on models with pre-installed hard drives.

OWC says the Ministack should be available now from its authorized resellers like Adorama. The diskless version goes goes for $78, while the 6TB version caps the range at $349.

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