Cuplex Kryos Next water block is heaven for control freaks

Information about the operating conditions of one's PC is worthless unless it's easy to obtain and even easier to understand. That's the goal with Aqua Computer's new Cuplex Kryos Next water block. Aqua Computer claims the block has the best cooling performance on the market, of course, but that's not what sets it apart.

New to the Cuplex Kryos Next is what Aqua Computer is calling "Vision Technology." Certain Kryos Next blocks are available with an OLED display that can be configured using the company's Aquasuite software to show info like CPU temperature and load. If you choose the block with a plexiglass housing, you'll be able to program an LED to change colors in response to changes in any of the statistics the software is monitoring.

Aqua Computer also offers builders a tantalizing level of adjustment with its "Vario Technology." Hex nuts allow DIYers to use an Allen wrench to adjust the shape of the cold plate to get an optimal match between the CPU heat spreader and water block. If this feature works as Aqua Computer claims, it could take some major headaches out of gettting the most from a liquid-cooling setup.

The block is available with housings in transparent acetal, black acetal, copper, nickel-plated brass, and a dark PVD-coated brass. If that's not enough of an option sheet, the Kryos Next can be had with bases in copper, nickel-plated copper, and sterling silver. It can be purchased with or without the Vision and Vario technology, too. Variants for AMD, Intel LGA 115x, and LGA 2011-v3 sockets are available, as well. The Next is currently available in Aqua Computer's store and starts at about $65, though prices can go much higher if buyers tick all the boxes.

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