Intel reveals Kaby Lake desktop CPU and chipset lineups

The specs for the desktop versions of Intel's "Kaby Lake" CPUs have leaked onto the internet, thanks to an Intel-provided PDF intended for manufacturing partners. In addition to that, a separate informational release confirms existing speculation that Intel has new chipsets on the way. Kaby Lake will work on many existing 100-series motherboards, but Intel will have 200-series chipsets ready for those who can't bear to mix a new CPU with an old motherboard.

The leaked info provides limited data about desktop Kaby Lake Core i5, Core i7, and Xeon E3 chips. Core i3 SKUs are conspicuously absent, though. The leaked document contains base clock speeds, but Turbo Boost clocks, core counts, TDPs, and thread counts are not specified. The top-of-the-line Core i7-7700K will have a base clock of 4.2GHz, presumably with an unlocked multiplier and an arrangement of four cores and eight threads. The top Core i5, the i5-7600K, also likely unlocked, will probably have the same concert of four cores and four threads as previous high-end desktop i5 chips.

A second leaked document names five new 200-series chipset SKUs, but provides no information about them save for revised handling procedures for a new type of packaging. The five desktop-oriented chipsets appear to be the B250, Q250, Q270, H270, and Z270. Intel also mentions two mysterious chipset names, C422 and X299. The C422 appears to be a workstation or server chipset for use with the Xeon E3-1205 v6. Meanwhile, the X299 moniker suggests an upcoming high-end chipset for desktop systems, likely to replace the X99.

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