Lian-Li PC-Q37 gives Mini-ITX mobos a room with a view

Remember the enormous Lian-Li PC-O9 dual-chamber half-glass case? If you saw that and thought "I like it, but I wish it was tiny," Lian-Li has you covered now. The latest addition to the aluminum aficionados' catalog is the PC-Q37, essentially a mini version of the company's larger tempered-glass-sided cases.

Like its larger cousins, the Q37 is a dual-chamber case primarily made of aluminum, with removable panels on the front and left side made from tempered glass. "Dual-chamber" refers to the case's internal division separating the sexy parts (motherboard, graphics card) from the unsexy parts (power supply, disks). Unlike most cases with a vanity partition, Lian-Li separates the case horizontally, giving it a more cube-like shape. In other words, the hard drives and power supply sit "behind" the motherboard.

The PC-Q37 accepts Mini-ITX motherboards and graphics cards up to 12.6" (32cm), plus a pair of 3.5" drives and a pair of 2.5" drives. Due to the dual-chamber design, builders will need to be careful when choosing a CPU heatsink, since the Q37 is limited to 130mm in that regard. That excludes most popular tower coolers, including both fancy new Cooler Masters we just reviewed.

The case has mounting points for a total of four 120mm fans, two at the top and two at the bottom. The entire case rests on a short bottom compartment that's vented for air intake, so bottom-mounted fans aren't as silly as they might seem at first—though a long video card may block them. The top section can equally take in a 240-mm radiator. Unusually, the Q37 requires an SFX power supply. Lian-Li says the PC-Q37 will be available soon at Newegg for $230.

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