Fnatic Duel Headset and Clutch G1 mouse keep things simple

While some gaming peripheral manufacturers are going for complicated hardware with more functionality, others are simplifying and streamlining. That's exactly what Fnatic is going for with its new Duel TMA-2 headset and Clutch G1 mouse.

The Duel TMA-2 is a modular stereo headset that can be configured for gaming or music listening. Just about every part of it can be taken off and swapped out, with the exception of the headband itself. In the box, you'll get a pouch with both over-ear and on-ear pads, the speaker drivers themselves, a boom mic, an in-line mic, and a mic splitter. The mics each have their own cable, too.

Whether you have big ears, small ears, or (for some reason) one of each, you should be covered. Fnatic collaborated with Danish audio company AIAIAI, basing the design of the Duel headset off of AIAIAI's TMA-2 modular DJ headphones. Aside from volume and muting controls on each of the cables, the headset doesn't have any buttons to speak of.

The Clutch G1 mouse keeps things even simpler. The right-handed rodent is clad in a matte surface and offers a fairly standard setup and a design in line with Fnatic's visual style. The mouse includes seven buttons and is powered by Pixart's PMW3310 sensor. A set of RGB LED lights can be programmed according to personal preference.

The cord on the G1 is raised by 2mm and uses a non-tangle fabric for what Fnatic is calling a "drag reduction cord." Both pieces of hardware are available now on Fnatic's website, with the Clutch G1 going for $69.99 and the Duel TMA-2 for $199.99.

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