Dell teases a Surface Studio competitor

Microsoft made a splash last week with its creator-focused Surface Studio all-in-one desktop PC. Windows Central reports that Dell is throwing its hat into the ring with a machine it showed at Adobe's Max conference in San Diego. Dell showed a 90-second clip of its new machine, along with a Surface Dial-like input device and a second display that serves double duty as both a keyboard and digital clipboard.

Windows Central reports that the main screen of the machine in the teaser video had tiny bezels on the top and sides to go with a large bezel with six speakers on the bottom. The secondary "keyboard" screen accepts input from fingers, the dial, or a digital pen.

The teaser video reportedly concluded with a "welcome to your new workspace," unsurprisingly indicating that this machine is aimed at content creation professionals. No availability or pricing information was offered, but Dell indicated that it would be "coming soon."

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