P4/G4e execution core comparison

Ars has busted out another great comparative PYAITK article featuring the Pentium 4 and G4e. This is time around, they tackle the execution core.
Hannibal's previous article comparing the Pentium 4 to the MPC7500 (a.k.a. the G4e a.k.a. the G4+) gave a general overview of each processor's architectural features, paying specific attention to the "front end" of each CPU. In this sequel, Hannibal goes into detail on the design of the "back end," or execution core, of both the P4 and the G4e. For the G4e, he talks about features like the new and improved AltiVec unit, and for the Pentium 4 he covers SSE2 and the famous double-pumped integer units. He also discusses sheds some light on some of the more notorious problems with x86, and how the P4 does (and doesn') get around them.
Those of you who missed part one can find it here. Thankfully, nowhere in the text do the articles compare the aesthetic qualities of the processor cores.
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