In the lab: Zalman's K900M mechanical gaming keyboard

It used to be that each company in the PC world had its own thing. One company was known for memory, another for coolers, and another for peripherals. These days, though, everyone's broadening out, and that includes Zalman. Zalman has a whole slew of peripherals, but right now we're taking a look at the Zalman K900M mechanical gaming keyboard.

We're just starting to play with the unit itself, but we wanted to get it out of the box and take a look before we got started. At first glance, the K900M is a pretty standard RGB LED mechanical keyboard.

Look closer, though, and you'll notice a Function key and extra labels on a good portion of the keys. Where other keyboards ask you to install software and do a lot of manual configuration, Zalman's configuration utility is built into the hardware. You can do things like toggle between lighting patterns, enable activity-based lighting profiles, and disable certains keys, all with just a few keystrokes. If you switch between different machines with any regularity, you can move your keyboard without worrying about losing your settings—they're all right there in the board.

Under the hood, the board sports Kailh Blue switches that Zalman says are ideal for typists, providing an audible click and a bit of feedback. You can plug the keyboard in via USB or PS/2, and it sports N-Key rollover regardless of which port you choose. That software-free configuration looks to be this keyboard's ticket to fame, so we're looking forward to see how Zalman's implementation works under our fingers.

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