Trident Z 3600 MT/s DIMMs pair high speed with 64GB capacity

It's a tough time to be a memory vendor right now. When the needs of most PCs are more than satisfied with 16GB of DDR4, it's difficult to stand out among the crowd. G.Skill is taking the "bigger numbers" approach, and today announced that the Trident Z series RAM is getting 16GB modules with a 3600 MT/s transfer rate. The latency takes a bump from the last Trident Z kit we loooked at, but this kit's 17-cycle CAS isn't too bad. Of course, G.Skill had to bump the voltage to 1.35V to get there, but that's not actually out of spec for Skylake CPUs.

Most gerbils probably know that faster memory will improve gaming performance using integrated graphics, but there are a few tasks (like file compression) that are hard-limited by raw memory bandwidth. Products like this should please folks who are hitting those limits. There's some evidence that faster memory helps with discrete-GPU gaming performance, too.

The new RAM comes in DIMMs up to 16GB and multi-module kits up to 64GB. G.Skill says the new RAM will be available worldwide in December, though there's no word on pricing The company didn't quote pricing.

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