Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 pumps new ideas into D5 design

The German Wasserkühlung enthusiasts at Alphacool have introduced the VPP755 Eispumpe, the successor to their VP655 line of pumps. The new pump maintains the D5 form factor for compatibility with existing tops and brackets. The company says the pump's internals are completely new, with a design based on a ceramic shaft instead of spherical bearings. Alphacool says the new design uses about half the power, runs quieter, and vibrates less than their older pumps, while maintaining a four-meter head. The company posted a video featuring its always-entertaining spokesman here.

The new Eispumpe is powered over ye olde four-pin Molex power connector. An integrated five-position switch limits pump speed to selectable maximums from 1800 to 4500 RPM. The pump speed can be read via a three-pin fan connector. If the manual switch is used in conjunction with PWM control over a four-pin fan connection, the pump will not exceed the RPM set by the throttle position.

Visually, the VPP755 Eispumpe is about 3/8" (10 mm) shorter than the old pump, and sports a new aluminum cap. The pump accepts 8V to 13V, and consumes 14W at full-tilt in order to move 350 L per hour. The VPP755 Eispumpe is available now from Alphacool for 70€. The VPP755 comes à la carte—the brackets and pump top pictured above aren't included.

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