AOC Agon AG352QCX takes a VA panel and drives it to 200Hz

Monitor manufacturer AOC is expanding its range of its range of FreeSync-enabled monitors with the alphabet-soup-inspired Agon AG352QCX. The monitor is built around a 35" VA ultra-wide panel with a maximum refresh rate of 200Hz. The panel's native resolution is a pedestrian 2560x1080 pixels, though this is probably a good thing for gamers who value frame rate over pixel density. The display offers a FreeSync range of 30Hz to 200Hz, suggesting it has support for Low Framerate Compensation (LFC).

The monitor's curve radius is 2000mm, which the manufacturer claims makes it "more curved" than other monitors. The AG352QCX comes with a fully-adjustable ergonomic stand on a VESA mount, setting it apart from some other ultra-wide displays including AOC's own C3583FQ released in July. AOC lists the monitor's response time at a brisk-for-a-VA-panel 4ms and claims the brightness can go up to 300 cd/m². The company says the contrast ratio can reach 2000:1, too.

The AG352QCX accepts input over its DisplayPort 1.2a, HDMI 2.0, and VGA connectors. A pair of 5W stereo speakers and a two-port USB 2.0 hub are integrated into the monitor. If the included speakers don't provide enough aural fidelity, the back of the monitor has a built-in swiveling hanger for a pair of headphones.

AOC's promotional photos show the back and sides of the AG352QCX illuminated in indigo, red, and teal, though the specs sheet makes no mention if these colors are selectable or if they're just status indicators. The company didn't provide pricing or availability information, but TechPowerUp predicts the AGON AG352QCX will fetch about $600 when it starts shipping.

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