Roccat trims the fat from its Suora FX RGB LED keyboard

German gaming peripheral manufacturer Roccat has announced the Suora FX keyboard, its latest entry into the growing marketplace of mechanical keyboards with RGB illumination. The keyboard has minimal bezel space beyond the key locations in what Roccat calls a "frameless" design. Some hasty research suggests that Suora is a Finnish word meaning "straight," and the curve-free design of the Suora FX suggests that might be a valid translation.

The manufacturer says the keyboard should exhibit minimal flex thanks to its aluminum housing. Roccat didn't name a supplier for the keyswitches, and the absence of details like actuation force and distance makes it difficult to make any kind of guess. The company does say the keys ought to be good for 50 million strokes.

The Suora FX also fulfills the standard gaming keyboard promises of programmable macro keys, N-key rollover, and a 1000-Hz polling rate. Users can switch the lighting between wave, breathing, ripple, and solid key effects by using the first four function keys. Roccat didn't specify if the Suora's RGB LED lighting is programmable, though.

The Roccat Suora FX's 4.9" x 16.9" (12.5 cm x 43 cm) dimensions are fairly compact for a keyboard with a full complement of keys. The price tag is set to a not-so-compact $140 when the keyboard starts shipping on December 6.

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