EVGA Supernova G3 PSUs offer high output in a compact package

EVGA is announcing the Supernova G3 series of power supplies today. The company says these units will carry on the G2 models' traditions for high efficiency and high performance, with reduced noise output and size versus the older models. All five new models—rated at 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, and 1000W—are fully modular and 80 Plus Gold-certified.

We're big fans of EVGA's Supernova G2 power supplies here at TR. After all, they're regularly recommended in our system guides. The new versions are highly compact at just 5.9" (150mm) in length. Despite their small size, EVGA says the Supernova G3s should be over 91% efficient at all times, and claims they have the lowest voltage ripple of any EVGA power supply yet. JonnyGuru tested the 1000W unit and said it has "better than mythic voltage regulation." High praise indeed.

The power supplies' diminutive dimensions barely accomodate the 140-mm "Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing" fan they use for cooling. EVGA says the new fan makes the G3 power supplies whisper-quiet and that the fan shuts off at low-to-medium loads. The company says that even with the fan at full blast, the 550W, 650W, and 750W models' noise output should stay at under 30 dBA. The 850W and 1000W units are rated for only a few decibels louder, at up to 35 dBA.

EVGA warranties the 550W and 650W models for 7 years, while the 750W, 850W, and 1000W units get ten-year warranties. The company hasn't announced pricing for all of the new models, but the high-end 1000W unit will run you $160, which is a reasonable price for a power supply with this kind of performance.

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