Asus ROG Claymore keyboard can be cut in two

Asus' ROG Claymore Series keyboards have just entered the growing ranks of gaming keyboards stuffed with Cherry MX RGB switches, with one small twist: a detachable 10-key pad that can go on either side of the keyboard by way of direct physical contact. The ROG Claymore includes the whole enchilada: the main keyboard and the ten-key block. Meanwhile, the ROG Claymore Core offers only the lonesome primary keyboard, though Asus says the ten-key block is available separately should buyers change their minds. Asus will offer the ROG Claymore with a choice of Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, or Black switches.

The ROG Claymore ships with nine predefined RGB illumination profiles that can be selected with key shortcuts alone. Asus's Aura software should offer per-key programmable illumination and a mode that lets the lighting reflect the CPU temperature. The manufacturer also claims the "synergy of the ROG ecosystem" allows for coordinated RGB illumination with other Asus hardware. Gamers with compatible Asus motherboards can also use the keyboard for fancy operations like starting the computer, defining BIOS settings, and clearing the CMOS memory.

The ten-key unit with an integrated volume control wheel can be used on the right-hand side for number entry or sit at the left of the keyboard for use as a programmable macro pad. The usual gaming keyboard claims of N-key rollover, anti-ghosting, 50-million keystroke durability, and 1000-Hz polling rate all apply to the ROG Claymore. Both the Claymore "Core" and the ten-key number pad include height-adjustable feet along with rubber pads for extra grip. Finally, the keyboard named after an unwieldy Scottish sword is inexplicably decorated with "Mayan patterns."

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