Deepcool GamerStorm Genome case joins the Republic of Gamers

We missed Deepcool's GamerStorm Genome case when it was first being shown at CES this year. The Genome is an ATX mid-tower chassis that includes a 360-mm liquid-cooler with a unique-looking helix-shaped reservoir right up at the front. Now, Deepcool is announcing that it's releasing a new version of the Genome case that's been certified by Asus' Republic of Gamers.

That ROG certification appears to mean that the case includes RGB lighting with a special connector for the Aura LED control header present on certain Asus motherboards and graphics cards. The PSU shroud lights up, as do the included reservoir and waterblock. Deepcool notes that the Genome ROG includes special slots for mounting LED light strips, too.

The Genome has a few other tricks up its sleeve besides the fancy lighting and integrated liquid-cooling system. The case includes an extra pair of expansion slots turned 90° and a PCIe riser cable. Folks who want to admire the front of their graphics card can mount it parallel to the motherboard. The two-disk 3.5" HDD cage can be mounted in two different places, and the case will take two 2.5" drives behind the motherboard, too.

Along with the liquid-cooling system, Deepcool includes another 120-mm fan at the rear of the case. Besides those, builders can mount two 120-mm or a single 200-mm fan up front behind the distinctive reservoir. Alternatively, folks who need even more liquid-cooling power can mount a second 240-mm radiator in the front.

Deepcool hasn't announced pricing for the new ROG-certified Genome case, but the original version goes for $229 on Newegg. That might seem high, but keep in mind that the included cooler goes for $139 by itself. This listing includes a 650W power supply for $249.

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