TR turns two

I can't believe it, but it's true. Two years ago today, TR first poked its head above the ground and looked around.

Indulge me if you will. Andy and I were coming off our tenure at Ars Technica, after a very successful year helping make that site something special. It was time to go out on our own, so we scraped together a deal for hosting and a news engine, then published our first review along with a little news.

Since then, we've published a load of processor reviews, graphics reviews, and various other articles worth looking back on with pride. There was the Gotbyte incident. Not to mention boatloads of news, tasty Shortbread, and the occasional Mac rant.

And it's been a delight to do it. We've had the privilege to serve an ever-growing audience through good times and bad, when I thought the well-funded competition would overwhelm us, and when I thought the undertow of a lousy economy would do us in. Two years later, we're still here, and like I told you six months ago, we're not going anywhere.

Heck, I might even answer all my e-mail someday.

We're an experiment in what makes the web truly special. The community in which TR is embedded is an amazing thing, and we're humbled to be a small part of the larger whole.

Thanks to all of you for your interest, your encouragement, and for your appreciation of the extra work we put in around here to try to make the site worth reading. (I'll admit, if some of your nasty e-mails and comments hadn't lit a fire under us from time to time, we'd be much worse off for it, too.) And I want to thank the folks on the TR staff, especially Geoff and Ronald, for their invaluable contributions. As we head into year number three, I still think we're just getting started.

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