In the lab: Samsung's 960 EVO SSDs

Hot on the heels of its class-leading 960 Pro, Samsung is unleashing the more-affordable, TLC V-NAND-driven 960 EVO this morning. The good news is that we've got both the 250GB and 1TB versions of this drive in our storage labs. Unfortunately, our drives arrived a little late, so we don't have a full review to share just yet. For now, be content with Samsung's quoted specs.

Samsung 960 EVO
Capacity Max sequential (MB/s) Max random (IOps) Price
Read Write Read Write
250GB 3200 1500 330k 300k $129
500GB 3200 1800 330k 330k $249
1TB 3200 1900 380k 360k $479

The 960 EVO's numbers aren't all that shy of the 960 Pro's. Like the Pro, the updated EVO packs Samsung's brand-new Polaris controller and third-generation V-NAND goodness. The big difference, as usual, is that the EVO's NAND is in TLC configuration rather than MLC. To make up part of the resulting performance gap, the drive features the latest version of Samsung's TurboWrite pseudo-SLC caching tech. Perhaps the most notable change from the 850 EVO is the fact that the 960 EVO runs on NVMe rather than AHCI—the democratization of PCI Express storage marches on.

The 960 Pro blew our socks off, so if the EVO delivers most of that mojo for a more reasonable price, Samsung will have another winner on its hands. Stay tuned for our thoughts and test results.

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