Lian Li's dual-chamber PC-O10 case is slim and svelte

Dual-chamber computer cases are an intriguing option for builders who want to separate heat-generating CPUs and graphics cards from other components. Those dual-chamber cases like Lian Li's PC-O9 tend to have an unmistakably square profile, however. For those who want to a dual-chamber layout but insist that computers should be rectangular, Lian Li has a new case: the PC-O10.

The PC-O10 might be slimmer than the PC-O9, but it's by no means a small case. It has room for motherboards in sizes up to E-ATX. The seven expansion slots provide plenty of room for multi-GPU setups, and the back compartment can hold four 3.5" drives and two 2.5" drives. For cooling, the top panel can either fit two 120-mm exhaust fans or a 240-mm liquid cooling radiator. Builders can either put two 120-mm fans or one 140-mm fan on the bottom panel for cool air intake. All fan mounts include removable mesh dust filters.

For the new model, Lian Li kept the PC-O9's half-glass, half-aluminum look. Glass panels on the front and left side of the case show off the motherboard, CPU, and graphics card, while the important but less-attractive power supply, storage drives, and cables get tucked into the second compartment. The PC-O10 is styled more conservatively than its older brother. In slimming down the case, Lian Li removed the thick vertical band that encircled the PC-O9.

Speaking of getting slim, Lian Li managed to significantly reduce the width of the PC-O10. The case measures 9.5" x 19.4" x 14.8" (24 cm x 49 cm x 38 cm), which means that it's over 4" narrower than the PC-O9. Lian Li accomplished this primarily by limiting the space of the back compartment. As a result, the case only accommodates SFX power supplies. The windowed half of the case is also a bit slimmer than its counterpart in the PC-O9, as it's limited to CPU coolers no taller than 130mm. Addtionally, the back panel is only wide enough to fit 80mm fans.

Although we couldn't find a listing for this case while writing in the wee hours of the morning, Lian Li says the case is available now on Newegg for $279. If you like the case but would rather get it for free, check out the company's ongoing Thanksgiving giveaway.

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