Updated PiDrives give tiny computers more affordable storage

WDLabs has refreshed it PiDrive Foundation Edition series of drives designed for the Raspberry Pi Foundation's Pi 2 and Pi 3 single-board computers. The first product in the updated lineup combines a 250GB 2.5" magnetic hard drive, a Sandisk microSD card preloaded with the Pi Foundation's NOOBS Installer software, and a PiDrive cable. Like previous PiDrive models, the magnetic drives have USB ports in place of the usual SATA power and data connectors.

The included software will allow users to install more than one operating system to the hard drive using a feature the company calls Project Spaces. The company didn't specify whether the PiDrive Foundation Edition products would support the Raspberry Pi 3's USB mass storage capabilities. The USB boot feature, released as beta in August, allows Pi 3 boards to boot from compatible USB devices, bypassing the Pi's usual requirement to boot from sometimes-unreliable microSD cards.

According to TechPowerUp, forthcoming models will swap out the 250GB drive for a 375GB unit or a 64GB USB flash drive. The WDLabs PiDrive Foundation Edition 250GB drive package is available now for $29. The 375GB model will sell for $38 when it becomes available. The 64GB USB flash drive model will sell for $19. Magnetic drive kits are backed by a two-year warranty, but the flash drive kit is only guaranteed for one revolution of the Earth around the sun.

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