Pro 140 completes the MasterLiquid CLC quartet

Some of you may have already read our review of the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 240 and 280 CLCs. If you have, and you'd like the same basic elements in a 140-mm form factor, Cooler Master has just the thing: the MasterLiquid Pro 140.

The Pro 140 comes with an aluminium radiator packed with square-shaped fins. Cooler Master says the fin shape should help with heat dissipation compared to standard designs. A pair of Masterfan Air Pressure five-bladed fans rest at both the front and back of the radiator in a push-pull configuration. The radiator connects to the pump with a pair of tubes sheathed in nylon webbing.

Much like the bigger models, the Pro 140 is quite easy to install. A metal base and four bolts ensure that buyers can do the necessary work armed only with a single screwdriver. The Pro 140 will clamp onto Intel sockets from LGA 775 and newer, and AMD sockets as far back as FM1 and AM2. The MasterLiquid Pro 140 isn't showing up in Cooler Master's store yet, but its price shouldn't be too far off from the Pro 120's $99.99.

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