Another comparo feeds the fruity fervor

Jesse Stroik sends word of another PC-Mac shootout from This time, they're making specious comparisons between Mac and PC laptops. I bet you can guess who wins.

As Jesse noted:

Of course, he rates the G4 667 much higher than the 1.2ghz Mobile P3.

I think part of the problem may lie with him not listing the L1 cache on the P3 as "on chip". Now, I'm a computer science major and not an ECE major, but I've really never heard modern processors having "off die" L1 cache.

Heh. I'm not sure what to think about that.

Now, Charles over at is a stand-up guy, even when he's being very wrong about things. But this again looks like typical Macolyte fare: No Athlon 4-based latops (or Durons) were compared. Windows XP gets six points; Mac OS X gets nine. And so on.

The PC laptops all have absoultely amazing high-density LCDs at 1400x1040 or 1600x1200, but the Mac has a lowly 1152x768 resolution. The difference on on his points system? Half a point.

The Titanium Mac laptops are, for what they are, undeniably cool. But please.

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