Lepa NeoIllusion cooler shines with remote-controlled RGB LEDs

PC component vendor Lepa has a new CPU cooler for those who feel like copper and aluminum are boring. The company's NeoIllusion CPU cooler feigns stealth by covering those shiny metals with a black "Super Nano Thermal Conductive" coating, then goes for the kill with RGB LED illumination. The NeoIllusion packs four copper heat pipes in direct contact with the CPU heat spreader and connects them to an aluminum fin array. The whole setup is capable of cooling CPUs with TDPs as high as 200W.

The RGB LEDs are controlled with an included IR remote. This approach doesn't require any additional software, but the color palette appears to be to limited to the shades on the remote's 15 color buttons, along with four dynamic lighting modes. This control method may also make coordination with other RGB LED-illuminated components more challenging. The remote has a magnetic silicone cover for scratch-free attachment to a steel computer chassis. Owners of aluminum cases appear to be out of luck.

The NeoIllusion is compatible with Intel desktop CPU sockets from LGA 775 onwards (including the HEDT sockets), and AMD sockets going back to AM2. The heat sink measures 5.0" x 1.6" x 1.0" (or 12.6cm x 4.0cm x 2.5cm), which suggests it offers good clearance for DIMM slots. The cooler weighs in at 645g including the PWM fan that mounts to the heatsink via a clip molded into the fan's body.

Lepa did not provide pricing information, but says the NeoIllusion cooler will be available in late November.

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