Drive like Verstappen with the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel

Playing racing games with a gamepad is doable and entertaining enough. A proper racing wheel is where it's at, though. Thrustmaster's simulator gear has always been well regarded, and today the company added a new racing wheel to its arsenal: the fancy-looking Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer.

The TS-PC Racer has an open-wheel design with a metal face plate, aluminum paddle shifters, and suede-clad grips. Six buttons, a directional pad, and a three-position rotary switch with a push setting all rest in the wheel's center section. As is usual with the company's high-end peripherals, the movement sensor is a 16-bit magnetic unit. The wheel can be set to rotate between 270° and 1080°.

Thrustmaster says the motor behind this wheel is an all-new 40-W design. According to the company, the revamped motor should offer 50% more "dynamic response and four times the "stall force" when compared to Thrustmaster's other force-feedback wheels. If one has doubts about the motor's strength, the presence of an external 400-W power supply should prove illustrative.

The TS-PC Racer can be combined with Thrustmaster's other wheels, TH8RS and TH8A shifters, and T3PA and T3PA-Pro pedal sets. The company says that third-party pedal sets with USB or serial connectivity should be equally compatible. For pedal sets with a serial DB9 port, Thrustmaster offers a DB9-to-RJ12 adapter. Racers can order the TS-PC Racer wheel for $500 on December 5.

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