Radeon 16.11.4 driver update will bring your Civilization to life

AMD released the 16.11.4 driver update for its Radeon graphics cards, adding support for Sid Meier's Civilization VI and fixing few bugs. All told, this is a fairly minor update, at least when compared to some recent versions that saw support for three or more games added and a whole pile of bugs squashed.

Aside from the support for Civilization VI, this update fixes issues with H.264 video playback in browsers when trying to play video while running a game at the same time. Some issues with graphical corruption in Titanfall 2 on Radeon R9 Fury cards should be gone, too.

Meanwhile, AMD continues to work on some known issues, including games failing to launch when running the Raptr application's game overlay, occasional crashes when using Vulkan in Doom and Dota 2, flickering in Overwatch, and graphical hangs in FIFA 17. The driver update is available for download right now, along with the release notes.

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