Civilization VI update adds DirectX 12 support and improves the AI

Firaxis' recent release of Civilization VI hasn't gone unnoticed in the gaming world, to say the least. The game has received plenty of praise from the gaming press, and its cover art is plastered everywhere on the internet. Having said that, according to plenty of gamers including yours truly, Civ 6 could do with a little improvement, and maybe DirectX 12 support. Today's Fall Update charges ahead on both those fronts.

The big-ticket item in the new update is the new DirectX 12 renderer. This could offer a speed boost and improved frametimes when compared to the tried-and-true DirectX 11 rendering path. The update also adds support for Logitech's Arx Control, which may be interesting for keeping an eye on your civilization's stats.

That's not all the patch brings, though. The game's AI got a handful of tweaks, namely when it comes to building and upgrading an army, understanding the benefits (or losses) of going to war, and improving the focus on Science and Tourism. Hopefully this makes the AI players more like actual opponents instead of bipolar basket cases. Warmonger penalties have been reduced across the board, too, making it easier for players to pursuit a war without getting permanently black-balled.

Other tweaks include a higher cost for the creation of religious units, something that may help curtail those moments where you can't even move units because of the batallions of AI priests in the map. The UI also got a few touch-ups in order to make it more informative and helpful. If you have the game installed, you should get the Fall Update automatically from Steam.

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