Rumor: Zen release date, clock speeds, and pricing revealed

The rumor mill can't seem to exhibit any mindful self-control when it comes to AMD's upcoming Zen CPUs. The latest accounts suggest the specifics enthusiasts have been waiting for: release dates, clock speeds, and pricing. The trail of evidence is pretty nebulous here, so try to follow along: Guru3D reports that a user of Chinese internet search company Baidu claims to have access to an internal "micro-newsletter" from hardware retailer Maxsun.

Maxsun may be an unfamilar name to Western readers, but the company is a division of Palit Microsystems. Palit is one of the world's largest manufacturer of graphics cards by volume and the parent company of the more familiar GALAX and Gainward brands, as well as the OEM for PNY graphics cards.

The leaker claims that AMD will release the first round of Zen-based chips on January 17. Guru3D mentions that this would fall in line with a CES 2017 product launch the week of January 5. All chips in the first round of releases are said to be two-module, eight-core, 16-thread parts with 95W TDPs. The chips will slip into the same unified AM4 socket as AMD's latest Bristol Ridge APUs. The source claims the first Zen chips will be clocked between 3.15GHz and 3.3GHz, with 3.5GHz boost clocks.

The last part of the leak concerns pricing. The leaker claims the most expensive of the first Zen chips will be priced at 1500¥ to 2000¥, or a range between $220 and $290. These amounts seem very competitive for what is supposedly a top-end CPU when compared to the prices of Intel's current range of desktop CPUs. Look to our previous coverage of Zen rumors for performance data.

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