Raijintek Paean chassis sings a song about cleanliness

Trigger warning: individuals with a fixation on cable management and prevention of dust buildup may wish to look away from Raijintek's Paean dual-chamber PC chassis. The Paean is built something like a club sandwich, with exterior bread slices made from 5mm-thick tempered glass panels and a middle piece of toast constructed from 4mm-thick anodized aluminum. The buyer gets to decide what blend of motherboards and water cooling components go in the "turkey side" and what storage and power supply go in place of the "ham chamber."

The Paean is designed to house a full-size ATX motherboard, eight expansion cards, and a radiator as large as 360mm in one chamber. Video cards as up to 15.7" (40cm) will fit if no radiator is present, or 12.2" (or 31 cm)  if a radiator is installed. The Paean can hold up to three 3.5" drives and three 2.5" drives in the rear chamber. Power supplies as long as 7.9" (20 cm) share a space with those drives. An enclosed port chamber is home to four USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks.

The chassis weighs in at hefty 23.8 lbs, or 10.8 kg. This seems particularly heavy considering the lack of front, back, top, and bottom panels. The exterior measures 11.25" x 23.1" x 16.4" (or 28.6 cm x 58.7 cm x 41.7 cm), so buyers will want to clear a whole bunch of desk space in addition to the time they will need to attend to cable management. According to Tom's Hardware, the Paean will go for $186 and should be available soon.

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