1. Warp2Search on making Windows XP boot faster
  2. Electic Tech reports on Seagate's 100 Gigabits per square inch hard drives
  3. VN Roundup asks you to submit questions for a Hercules/Guillemot interview
  4. Website du jour:
  5. Overclocker Cafe's Athlon drawing is on Sunday
  6. BiT-Tech will undergo remodeling

  1. The Inquirer on Intel's plans to release 533MHz FSB early (thanks billb)
  2. Electic Tech has WindowBlinds 3.0 RC2 for Windows XP
  3. VN Roundup reveals the BIOS within
  4. Amdmb reviews Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus
  5. SocketA leads the way to new BIOS files for EPoX EP-8KHA/+

  1. Electic Tech has MS DirectX 8.1 final
  2. HotHardware reviews MSI StarForce 822 GF3
  3. Computer Source reviews Iomega Peerless 20GB FireWire drive
  4. OnePC reviews Belkin Nostromo n30 gaming mouse
  5. I am not a geek reviews Samsung ML-1250 laser printer
  6. Futurelooks reviews Handspring Visor Neo
  7. SystemLogic reviews Fellowes PDA pocket keyboard

  1. [H]ard|OCP's November HSF roundup
  2. 2FastCPU reviews Titan TTC-D6TB(A) heatsink
  3. hardCOREware reviews OCZ Gladiator
  4. Viper's Lair reviews Thermaltake active memory cooler
  5. PimpRig's mirror finish lapping guide
  6. Dan's Data adds SilverStorm2 radiator to cooling comparison
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