Apple offers $149 fix for iPhone 6 "touch disease"

Apple iPhone 6 Plus owners suffering from flickering displays or inconsistent multi-touch response finally have official recourse, though the service will hit affected iPhone owners in the pocketbook. Apple published a new page on its support site with guidelines for repair of what independent repair shops have been calling "Touch Disease." Apple avoids the use of this turn of phrase, but the fix doubtless involves the repair of a touch controller chip that can come loose from the logic board.

Owners will have to shell out $149 to have their phones fixed. Apple shirks responsibility for the problem, suggesting that the issue is brought about by "being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device." For now, only iPhone 6 Plus owners are eligible for any company-assisted repairs, though iFixit says iPhone 6 handsets are also affected to a lesser extent. Forbes reports that the problem is widespread and that several class action lawsuits have been filed over the issue.

Owners who have already paid for these repairs can file a claim with Apple for reimbursement of any payment in excess of the $149 manufacturer repair price. The repair is not offered for phones with broken or cracked screens. Some owners are upset about the costly repair in light of previous Apple campaigns to repair common issues on older iPhone models free of charge.

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