In the lab: Cooler Master's MasterCase Maker 5t

Cooler Master has released many a variation on its MasterCase platform this year, and the most fast-and-furious version of the case is in the TR labs now. Have a look at the MasterCase Maker 5t:

Both sides of this case are sheathed in tempered glass, and the spiffy red-and-black finish has a metallic shine to it that's hard to convey in images. That red finish covers the entire inside of the case for an extra dose of sportiness. Perhaps in expectation of the high-end builds that some might have in mind for this system, Cooler Master throws in a dual-graphics-card support to keep long graphics cards from sagging. Oh, and there's a fully-functional handle on top, too. Keep an eye out for our full review of this case soon.

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