Report: AMD's fortunes rise as more graphics cards move in Q3 2016

With the amount of buzz generated by the launches of Pascal and Polaris graphics cards over the past year, one might be left wondering whether prospective buyers would walk the walk. Wonder no further, then. The latest graphics card market report from Jon Peddie Research sheds some light on the behaviors of graphics-card buyers, and AMD's bet on Polaris seems to have paid off. Since the third quarter of last year, the red team has clawed back 10.3% of market share from Nvidia.

AMD still has a long way to go to reach parity with Nvidia's share of graphics add-in board shipments, though. The green team still holds a dominant position in the market, even as its share fell from 81.1% to 70.9%. Since good ol' S3 barely even registers in JPR's radar, AMD's gains have moved its position from 18.8% to 29.1% of the total market.

As a whole, the graphics card industry has enjoyed a 9.2% year-on-year increase in shipments, confirming that gamers are responding to the release of graphics cards fabricated on next-gen process tech. JPR says as much, saying that "PC gaming momentum continues to build," and that market demand for gaming PCs is "robust." The firm also notes that the 38.2% sequential increase in quarterly graphics card shipments is well above the ten-year average of 14.3% for this time of year.

Having said that, the overall picture for desktop PCs isn't quite as rosy. That segment of the market is continuing its downward spiral. JPR says the market for desktops as a whole has suffered a 17.1% year-on-year drop in shipments. JPR adds that it expects the "global PC shipment volume [...] to fall further."

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