Xbox One game streaming goes virtual with the Oculus Rift

The line between console and PC gaming used to be a clear one. It's still there, but it's blurring around the edges. Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere program adds some games to both your Xbox One and PC gaming libraries. The Windows 10 Xbox app allows for streaming games directly from the console within your home, too.  Now, Microsoft has announced in-home Xbox One game streaming will be arriving on the Oculus Rift headset starting on December 12.

The Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift app (that's a mouthful) connects to your Xbox One via your home network and streams the console's video output to the headset as a virtual cinema-style screen. From there, you can pick from a few of the in-headset environments like "Citadel," "Retreat," and "Dome" to surround you while you play.

Microsoft has been edging toward VR for some time. The company first partnered with Oculus to include an Xbox One controller with every Rift headset, and eventually announced its own VR initiative this fall.  This new development suggests that Microsoft doesn't expect its less-expensive VR experience to overlap entirely with the Rift. The Xbox console currently codenamed Scorpio will support VR, but Microsoft hasn't yet made any official announcements about what hardware it'll be supporting. The continued partnership seems to suggest a future for the Rift on Microsoft platforms and on Xbox hardware in particular.

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